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Our primary message is this … If people ever were, or are despondent, sad, lonely or depressed; you are given renewed hope through a series of clear-cut and very basic principles you can use to generate a new outlook on life -along with new ways to brighten up your future.  I knew this book to be extremely successful worldwide, and I immediately took notice of the way the information was laid out for the reader, which makes it easy to grasp and apply into one’s own life. Research tells us with the diminishing attention spans in today’s society, emails, tweets, texts, that people have a hard time focusing on long intense reads. We have purposely made these books extremely simple to read and they only take approximately 30 minutes to read from cover to cover. If you can read this entire book in one sitting we find that you will retain more pertinent information.

When I started to write Secrets 2 Debt Relief, I did so on the pretense that an emotional connection with readers can be achieved by tapping into and applying “pain mass-marketing” supplemented and supported by leading-edge “call-to-action pain marketing.”  Much like the Chicken Soup for the Soul series of books.  We also have been inspired in our books and key portions of our marketing plan around the same processes and steps they have successfully used over and over again. The publishers of Chicken Soup for the Soul have done an incredible job of marketing and branding their books and companies virtually everywhere. Finances have a major impact on the functionality of every day life and we’ve generated a workable solution to most debt related setbacks. It’s all about using my secret and very powerful words and saying them correctly; which is absolutely key to getting the principal balance reduction.  Best of all, since it is very easy to do, success is virtually guaranteed.

 If we were to sell only 1/2 of 1% of what the Chicken Soup for The Soul series have sold, that would amount to 2,500,000 copies, which is about $74,875,000 in revenues.  While this is phenomenal income for everyone who becomes involved, we as a company would be disappointed if the first book in our 11 book series only sold 1,625,000 copies.  Why? Between 2008 and 2017 there were more than 100 billion dollars ($100,000,000,000!) in delinquent car or truck payments in the US alone; and we plan on selling our e book series and print on demand worldwide which in, and of itself amounts to a massive opportunity not only in the U.S.  and Canada, but on a global scale. Why are we pointing this out?

If you knew then, what you now know about the global phenomenal success of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series of books – “with an amazing combined total of 500 million copies sold as of March of 2013” (wikipedia) – would you have been an early-stage investor in that startup if given the opportunity?  

The founder of IPOP Press, and virtually everybody who has been a contributor to creating this online publishing company, is a senior citizen. Therefore, we have made a commitment to work with charities that best benefit seniors. Our primary passion is to help feed, clothe, and shelter seniors who are suffering from financial setbacks, but we are also committed to supporting military, first responders, St. Jude’s, Shriners, the Red Cross and other great causes.


Patrick O’Brien
Founder, Author, President & CEO of IPOP Press, Inc.